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Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2018-05-21

Catalog number: BP7592018

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Phalar (Original Mix)
Phalar (Violin Girl Rework)
Bablak, Violin Girl

Russian producer Bablak debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Phalar which is backed up by a top notch reworking by Violin Girl. Aleksandr Bablak creates intelligent music for intelligent people. His unusual sounds capture the imagination of many which is no surprise as he produces music from his soul. Already he has established himself with an impressive catalogue across various labels including Dear Deer White, King Street Sounds, Chilli Mint Digital, Balkan Connection, Spring Tube, Clinique Recordings and Majestic Family Records to name just a few.

On the Original Mix Bablak delivers a deft, tight progressive groove full of deep lush sounds creating a stunning dark vibe. Chunky beats lead the way as mesmerizing pads swell up to the backdrop of a rhythmic drum section. A wonderfully thick bass pulses out a superb underground dancey bassline which becomes infectious. The break throws up a surprising melodic sequence to contrast the darker elements making this an absolute must have for the peak time slot.

Up next we have the Violin Girl Rework which adds a surreal twist on the original. We’re blasted with a tight, solid drum arrangements which is joined by a deep, lurking bass tone. Straight away we find those captivating dark melodies played out on the violin with masterful timing. The strings are lined up against that beautiful analogue style bassline creating a rich texture in the sound. Top notch stuff with a unique sound that will not disappoint.




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