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Bonzai Progressive BP7002017 16 October, 2017

Crocy gets back into the studio with vocalist Ashley Berndt for their most recent collaboration entitled Passion which is backed up with a solo effort from Crocy called Land. These two really shine when they get together, something just seems to click and the sound becomes magical. Great to see them back again and no doubt we’ll see more in the future.

Passion can only be described as a pure, deep progressive and warm groover. Bubbling basslines and rhythmic drum patterns combine beautifully to the backdrop of an outstanding vocal from Ashley. Subtle melodies lace the groove but it’s that bassline that does the damage with its super rhythmic pattern that just forces you to move. Fantastic stuff that is not to be missed.

If you’re after a solid, driving progressive groove for your set then look no further. Land from Crocy is an absolute floor stomper thanks to a pumping drum arrangement that generates a lot of power and rhythm. Backing up the drums we find shuffling hats and intricate melodic sequences alongside expert keys that combing effortlessly into a myriad of colourful sounds. Again we see Crocy deliver the goods and thanks to the awesome bassline on this one you can be sure that the floors will be rocking.