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Bonzai Progressive BP7892018 24 September, 2018

We welcome back the hugely talented Belgian maestro Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens with his latest effort titled Oscuridad. This one is the latest quality cut which adds to a string of top notch releases we’ve seen from Adriaan over the last several years. During this time, he has steered his musical output in a different direction, taking a much punchier, club orientated stance with melodic techno in mind while retaining a progressive sound. His sound is championed by many and crosses genres to become a universal sound which has also inspired a new generation of music producers. We’re certain that this one will blow you away and if the original wasn’t enough we’ve got four equally impressive remixes to whet the appetite with something for all kinds of sets. Enjoy the music.

Manu’s Original Mix opens with a deep bass drone and fading up arpeggios. A solid, thumping kick drum is unleashed as the drums layer up bringing a cool flowing rhythm. An intensity builds in the track and on the break this tension winds up beautifully climaxing with a driving melodic groove that will keep the floors rocking.

Martin Merkel returns to BP, this time on remix duties and, once again he proves just how talented he is. A long-standing artist in the electronic music scene, Martin has churned out his share of quality cuts. He appeared twice on our Bonzai Basiks imprint and has also seen a recent release on Vesta as well as a raft of labels over the years. Martin delivers a punchy progressive groover with deep rumbling basses and a serious pumping kick. A wonderfully crafted slice that provides a solid, driving groove, perfect fodder for the club.

Jesper Mauerhoff is back at Bonzai Progressive on remix duties. We last caught him over on our Green Martian imprint with Sputnik and we’re delighted to have him back. A talented and diverse artist, Jesper has seen releases on several other labels including Vesta Records. Here Jesper gives us a real treat with his remix going deeper while keeping us on our toes on the floor. A full-on prog monster is at work here and is not to be missed.

Facto debuts here with a quality remix that will most definitely grab a lot of attention. A veteran DJ of more than 20 years, it’s only in the last few years that he started to produce his own music. Already he is getting recognition from all quarters and he has seen releases on Vesta Records, Conjured Records and Mystic Carousel to name a few. On the remix here, Facto takes us on a sublime journey deep into progressive. Mesmerizing and intriguing with a full-bodied groove laden with depth and edge, top notch stuff.

Emilio Bsousi debuts with his remix which exudes a sound so rich and steeped in emotion you would be hard pushed to believe it was only his second release ? the first being Reminiscence on Vesta Records. Born in Spain but residing in Beirut, Emilio has been at the heart of the Lebanese club scene for many years, wowing the party goers with his tight sets. Great to have him here at BP. Here Emilio brings out the emotion of the track beautifully with carefully crafted sequences, blending effortlessly into a deep and hypnotic ride.