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Noises EP

Bonzai Progressive BP8802019 30 September, 2019

Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens hits us with yet another sublime experience with his latest slice titled Noises EP. Manu Riga ranks high among many as a top artist, dedicated to delivering maximum experience to the listener. When he produces music you just know he puts his soul into the groove and, the best part is, he can apply this to several genres as he’s proven in the last few years having delved into the likes of melodic techno, tech, downtempo, chillout and of course progressive house. He has, and continues, to inspire a generation of upcoming and established artists with his unique production style and sound manipulation. A hugely impressive back catalogue on Bonzai and other labels is a testament to this guy’s skill. His label Vesta Records is riding on the crest of a wave with a high-quality output from established and brand-new artists. We never tire of this guy’s sound and, with this new effort, we know you’ll love the musical direction he has chosen.

Noises creates a wonderful, undeniably deep and thought-provoking musical experience. A tight drum arrangement moves the track effortlessly along its dark path which is filled with intense moments and an intriguing narrative. Several instruments combine for an enchanting, surreal sequence that mesmerizes throughout. On the low end, a chugging bassline shores up the groove as fragmented melodies add texture and depth. Simply outstanding yet again, not to be missed.

Spirit Whisperer intros with a nice solid thumping kick drum and scattered percussion arrangement. A twisting synth riff fades up to the backdrop of a deep, droning bass which is accompanied by an even deeper sub bassline. Swirling pads compliment the filtering synths while soft melodies contribute to the overall Melodic Techno vibe. The break reveals cascading arpeggios with a dark twist alongside chilling vocals before the kicks return for the duration. Top-notch stuff, which is no surprise really, and one that will not disappoint.