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    Nocturne EP

    Nocturne EP

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2020-06-08

    Catalog number: BP9442020

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    Nocturne (Original Mix)
    Ivan Aliaga
    Nocturne (Jacob Singer Remix)
    Jacob Singer, Ivan Aliaga
    Find Out (Original Mix)
    Ivan Aliaga

    Argentinean DJ, producer Ivan Aliaga, debuts on BonzaI Progressive with the superb Nocturne EP, which comes backed up with a top remix from Jacob Singer. Ivan got into electronic music when he was about 14 years of age. He was influenced by local artists who guided him to explore the progressive end of the dance music spectrum. Since 2019 he has notched up an impressive release count and is enjoying support from a host of top jocks and producers from around the world. Great to have him on board and we hope to hear more soon.

    The Original Mix creates a deeply hypnotic strain or progressive house. Enchanting and alluring from the outset, the groove is sprinkled with delicate melodies and soft voices. A tight drum section leads the way as that relentless bassline powers the low-end. Shuffling percussions deliver a smooth rhythm while the main break provides a lush, surreal sequence before the main groove returns for the duration.

    Madrid based artist Jacob Singer returns to BP with a solid remix. Jacob remains a stalwart for us having delivered a raft of quality original works and remixes over the years. His last outing here was the wonderful and very well-received, 8 Years, from the start of 2020. No doubt we’ll be hearing much more in the future, always a pleasure having him here. On the remix, Jacob opens with electrifying synths laden with FX which sets the mood for this sublime journey. Deep, probing basses follow alongside a strong kick and spritely hi hat pattern. Soft, melodic arpeggios fade up and stand in contrast to the sharper synths that move through the groove. A totally mesmeric experience that will not disappoint.

    Find Out offers up a punchier progressive groove. Nice, full kicks lead out along with crispy hats and building percussions. A powerful bassline drives the groove as tender arpeggios come through. Deep and tranquil at the same time, the distant, almost whispered vocal adds character to the sound while the melodic elements mesmerize. The break reveals a beautiful arp sequence that carries a retro theme before that chunky main track returns. A must have, no doubt.




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