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Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-08-28

Catalog number: BP6832017

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Nocturn (Original Mix)
Solace State (Original Mix)

Canadian artist Rob Dawson aka Magnovis debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the outstanding Nocturn. By day, Rob is a family man, he finds great joy in the comforts of home, and translates his warm-hearted nature into every element of his life. By night, Magnovis mindfully crafts music that express his infatuation with sound. Each piece is an opportunity to work with people close to him or to explore a new sensation that invokes the desire to groove. Magnovis understands that music is a community, and he always intends to bring his values to the soundboard in a way that makes a better experience for listeners and artists alike. Evoking many of the sounds reminiscent of the past, Magnovis keeps striving to move forward with fresh grooves and elemental prowess. Citing Victor Calderone, Guy J., Guy Mantzur, Cid Inc., and Chus & Ceballos as his influences, his listeners wholeheartedly agree that he has carved his own signature sound. It’s these personal touches that make Magnovis’ pieces shine. His tracks are infectious, bold, and, most importantly, uniquely his. It’s not every day that you find such a complex combination of taste, but Magnovis knows how to mix a damn fine beat salad. Go listen, and unravel his artistry. I bet you won’t be able to turn it off.

Nocturn intros with a very nice punchy kick drum and sharp hi hat combi. Various percussion layers soon follow creating a smooth rhythmic groove. A mesmerizing, buzzing bassline fades in alongside hypnotic synth keys before a deep, rumbling main bass comes through to take over. Plucky synth notes are joined by swirling pads and scattered vocal snippets that generate a deep progressive vibe. This one will not disappoint.

Solace State dishes out a top notch progressive vibe right from the get go as chunky kick drums and crispy hi hats combine alongside a very cool echoing percussion. An arpeggio bassline moves the track nicely and is backed up with a deep subby bass probe that gives the track a lot of depth and a seriously tight groove. The break throws up some rich pads adding wonderful textures to the sound making this an absolute must have no doubt.




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