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    No More EP

    No More EP

    Label: Piston Recordings

    Release date: 2017-07-10

    Catalog number: PR2017329

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    No More (Original Mix)
    Oldskool Luv (Original Mix)

    Dutch DJ and producer V.I.O debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb two tracker entitled No More EP. With a penchant for tech house and deep house, this guy has been churning out quality cuts on various labels for the last number of years. His tracks have a unique style and sound and we’re delighted to have him on board.

    No More gets right down to business with a superb deep house flavoured groove to get the booty’s working. A tight drum section filled with punchy kicks and various percussions deliver a solid rhythmic groove driven by a bouncing bassline and some very cool vocal snippets. Throughout the track hypnotic synths keep us locked on making this an absolute must have track in your arsenal.

    Oldskool Luv takes us back to the early days with this fine example of contemporary deep house accompanied by a retro vibe. The track intros with a tight rhythmic drum arrangement driven by an upbeat bassline and a classic vocal sample that blends effortlessly with the groove. Smooth chords fill out the track adding cool textures while clubby vocals keep the track moving nicely. The big hitter though is the relentless bassline that mesmerizes and forces you to move to the floor. Brilliant stuff that is not to be missed.




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