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New Impressions EP

Bonzai Progressive BP5332016 7 March, 2016

An artist who never fails to please returns with a unique release that will get the progressive juices flowing. Rise and Fall is back with his latest offering – New Impressions EP which features four previously released tracks, remixed by artists at the top of their game. Matt Holliday, Jamie Baggotts, Steve Sai and Jonny Calypso are all on hand to dish out the progressive goodness that will keep the floors rocking no doubt.

Open System – Matt Holliday’s 3000 Miles Away Remix

On fire producer Matt Holliday always delivers on his remixes as well as his own productions. He recently enjoyed the accolade of being the first release on the mighty JOOF’s sub label JOOF Aura where he will fit right at home with his unique deep and lush sounds. Here the remix intros with a subtle percussion tap as swirling sounds create a sublime atmosphere. A tight, punchy kick comes through and is soon joined by a perfectly tuned deep bass that lurks on the low end and driving the deep progressive groove. Cool drum and percussion layers form up and settle the track into a nice flowing rhythm. This one is all about the darker end of the spectrum with a wonderful bass leading the way. Another top notch slice from this guy which will definitely turn a few heads.

Immersion – Steve Sai Remix

Never one to disappoint, Steve Sai knows how to work a track and here is no exception. His last outing was back in September 2015 where he delivered a fine track – The Void – for our Bonzai & Friends 500 compilation as well as guest spots on Bonzai Basik Beats radio. Great to see him back once more and no doubt we’ll be seeing lots from him in the future. The remix intros with a nice dark theme as a deep gnarly bass is met with punchy kicks and rising FX. The bass meanders through the sound beautifully as it commands authority over the groove. Percussion and drum layers build to bring out a solid rhythmic flow as the atmospheric tones of the track are revealed by the superb array of pads and FX. The break reveals deeper elements with a wonderful cascading arp before we get slammed back into this tough edged progressive stomper. Not to be missed.

Looking Forward – Jonny Calypso Remix

Jonny has been around the Bonzai stable for a number of years now and his last outing – Eight – on Bonzai & Friends 500 was another one of his late night stompers. On the remix punchy kicks and a powerfully deep bass is the order of the day. Nice crispy hats do a fine job cutting through the low frequencies as the track meanders along with a steady solid pace. Swirling pads create a sublime atmosphere that blends perfectly with the deeper elements of the sound. Subtle melodies try to burst through but get swallowed up the lushness of the bassy groove. Top notch stuff that will give a boost to any set.

Imagination – Jamie Baggotts Remix

Jamie’s last outing came on Bonzai & Friends 500 with The Traveller and just before that with Mexico City which gained great support from across the board. Here he ramps up the energy levels on this one with super punchy kick and a tight knit percussion arrangement that brings home solid rhythmic flow. Synth arps cascade all around the track and are joined by harsher stabs that provide cool contra