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Nautilus Stalking

Nautilus Stalking

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-11-04

Catalog number: BP8882019

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The Sirius (Original Mix)
The Sirius
Gerwitch (Original Mix)
The Sirius

The Sirius aka DJ and producer Sergio Albornoz debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Nautilus Stalking. Having discovered electronic music, Sergio started spinning at clubs and local radio stations. This led him to play at big events alongside some top names in the industry. His enthusiasm for technology drew him to music production and he was soon churning out his own tracks. In 2003 he was introduced to trance music and successfully held residencies in his hometown. Over the last few years he’s been injecting a progressive element into his sound with superb results. Sergio owns his own label, Orbital Records and he is a Director of the Academy of DJ’s and producers called Orbital, in the city of Cordoba, which has nourished a high level of artists who went on to perform all over the world.

Nautilus Stalking opens with an eerie ambience to the backdrop of an evolving percussions arrangement. Chunky kicks and probing basses come through adding weight to the groove, luring us to the floor. Mesmerizing arpeggios slice through as shifting synth patterns fade in. Dreamy melodics create a dynamic theme throughout the track, contrasting beautifully with the darker sounds. Superb stuff and a must have no doubt.

Gerwitch gets right down to business from the off as punchy kick drums and shuffling percussions form a steady rhythm. Hypnotic arps fade up as strange, gritty FX and pads fill out the background. Percussive patterns take hold creating movement while pulsating basses lock down the low end. Intertwining melodies add a colourful narrative, elevating the mood while keeping us rooted in the depths. A fantastic, story-led slice that will not disappoint.




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