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Piston Recordings PR2017295 6 March, 2017

House music maestro Leandro Silva is back for his fourth Piston outing with the superb Nada which comes hot on the heels of his last slice Aural. His repertoire continues to grow together with Piston’s partner label Igual Recordings where he has unleashed a few gems of his own. He continues to deliver killer sets at top parties and radioshows and is a very much revered artist among many. Always a pleasure to see new material from this guy.

Nada delivers a sublime, deep house track that straddles minimalism and leans heavily into a hypnotic groove from start to finish. The drums are magical here, they create a sing song musical vibe courtesy of some expertly tweaked pitch control from Leandro. The occasional warm chord crops up alongside cool vocals and in the background we find an almost eerie string that lurks menacingly. A beautifully intricate arrangement that will not disappoint.

Rewind intros with a solid pumping kick drum with a nice and bassy tail end. Bright crispy hi hats slice through the lower frequencies as percussion patterns start to build. A deep rumbling bassline comes through bringing depth to the sound while warming chords fade in to deliver that pure deep house groove. Super stuff from Leandro and a must have track.