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Bonzai Progressive BP7652018 11 June, 2018

After the recent success of his In The Mix 006, we welcome back Gai Barone with the delicious progressive grooves of Myonic which comes backed up with two quality remixes from Airwave and Rick Pier O’Neil. Gai Barone remains one of those artists who impresses with everything he does, always surprising us with new sounds and inspirations. When we got to hear his super tight DJ mix for our In The Mix series we were blown away, we loved it so much we ran a physical CD release which proved quite popular. Gai usually finds himself playing gigs at many locations around the world and recently he was a guest at our event at Fabriek Eskimo in Gent.

The Original Mix is a beautifully pure, rich progressive house offering. Tight beats and rhythmic percussions keep us firmly rooted to the floor while cosmic synths and mesmerizing arpeggios take us into the stratosphere and beyond. A rich bassline chugs along with an accompanying sub level drone. The magical journey continues on the break where sweet pads rise before being joined by more serious strings and then climaxing with those stuttering synths and back to full on mode. Top notch as always, this one is not to be missed.

Airwave steps up for remix duties and once again he really shows us just why he is lauded as one of the greats in electronic music. His last outing for us – Rain Upon My Skin, was given a makeover and was released in 2 parts with remixes from some of our top artists. Laurent somehow finds the time to continue producing while playing at gigs all over the world. If you haven’t already caught the man in action behind the decks then be sure to check out our stage at this year’s Tomorrowland. Here the remix intros with a mysterious haunting sequence which features a mesmerizing bassline. Airwave’s signature kick drums come through and the journey gets into full swing. In the background we get hints of psy but upfront this one is a solid progressive mover. The atmosphere intensifies as synths go from sweet, soft attack to harsh, scathing stabs with just the right amount of distortion. The main melody lurks, waiting to pounce and on the break we get our reward. An amazing piece of work once again that will not disappoint.

Rick Pier O’Neil shows up on the remix, delivery yet another superb slice of progressive. Over the last number of years Rick has given us some top notch original works and remixes alike and he remains a very much revered figure in the music production world. His last effort here was alongside Chris Gavin with Lost Elements which proved popular among many. On this remix Rick wastes no time in getting us on the floor as a pumping kick drum and shuffling percussion sequence draws us in. A deep droning bassline dishes out a surreal note sequence as mesmerizing sounds fill out the background. A tangible atmosphere hangs over the groove as the track is beefed up with lush plucks and captivating melodies. A deep and dark monster of a track that is a definite must have.