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My House Is Your House 12

Bonzai Progressive MWCD2015487 30 November, 2015

  • Daedalus (Rogerio Martins Deep Down Inside Remix)

    Rick Wade, Rogerio Martins

  • My Favorite Outfit (JEPE Let's Celebrate Mix)

    Joal, Jepe

  • House Music (Original Mix)


  • Kindel (Pandeo Remix)

    Satour, Pandeo

  • Intense (Original Mix)


  • Crazy World (Original Mix)

    Le Babar

  • Gloss feat. Ann Di (Original Mix)

    Ann Di, Alexey Lisin

  • Pick N Bite (Fragoso Remix)

    Fragoso, Roland'Sousa

  • Winter In Ohio (Original Mix)

    David Museen

  • No More Lobby (HateLate Remix)

    Glasidum, HateLate

  • Five (Original Mix)


  • Fever (JR From Dallas Ghetto Remix)

    JR From Dallas, Hamdi Ryder

  • Spelling Bee (Original Mix)

    Pitch Ranger

  • Purple Grim (Original Mix)

    Dimi Wilson, Lex (Athens)

  • Bikini Bottom (Eric Powa B Discocaine Remix)

    Eric Powa B, Art Sparks

  • Freedom (Original Mix)

    Prime Brothers

  • Cheese Cake (Original Mix)


  • Forever feat. Sabrina Johnson (Furniture Crew Remix)

    Sabrina Johnson, Furniture Crew, Move88

  • Just For House (Original Mix)

    Leandro Di

  • Lonely Nights (Geonis & Mier Remix)

    Mier, A.Eryomin, Geonis

My House Is Your House continues with volume 12, and once again we get to rock your socks off with some of the very best Deep House and Tech grooves around. We took to scouring our different labels and handpicked 20 top cuts from Piston Recordings, Monog Records, Eyepatch Recordings, Gourmand Music, Kiss My Beat and Clean & Dirty. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of Rick Wade, Joal, Jazzawesz, Satour, Ecco, Le Cabar, Alexey Lisin Ft Ann Di, Roland Sousa, David Museen, Glasidum, Zeo, Hamdi Ryder, Pitch Ranger, Dimi Wilson, Lex Athens, Art Sparks, Prime Brothers, Hatelate, Move88 Ft Sabrina, Leandro Di, A. Eryomin, Rogerio Martins, Geonis & Mier, Furniture Crew, Eric Powa B, JR From Dallas, Fragoso, Pandeo and Jeep. Inject you sets with a dose of these top quality tunes, your speakers are gonna love it.