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My House Is Your House 11

Bonzai Progressive MWCD2015477 20 April, 2015

  • Dominatrix (Original Mix)


  • I Luv You To The Bone (Original Mix)

    Johnny Deep (aka Yonathan Dahan), Pierre Lusthilia

  • Don't Stop The Party (Original Mix)

    Charles Ramirez, J.Nandez

  • Persiano (Original Mix)


  • Take Me On (Original Mix)


  • Uforia (Original Mix)

    Mr. Beat

  • Switch Dance (Original Mix)

    Luis Bravo

  • Don't Give Up (Original Mix)

    King & Johnston

  • Electronic Lover (Tali Freaks Remix)

    Tali Freaks, Rion Oidua

  • Deep Penetration (Original Mix)

    Ivan Masa

  • Bikini Bottom (Eric Powa B Discocaine Remix)

    Eric Powa B, Art Sparks

  • Love Has Come (Original Mix)


  • Instantly (Analog Tape Vocal Mix)

    Son Of Gabriela

  • No Love (Original Mix)

    Leandro Silva

  • Back Days (Original Mix)

    Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro

  • Need Your Love (Original Mix)

    Charles Ramirez, Stan Garac

  • Smokey Ice Cubes (Original Mix)


  • Don't Stop The Rhythm (Original Mix)


  • 4 On The Floor (Original Mix)

    Filta Freqz

  • Da March (Original Mix)

    Thermo, DJ Pha5e

My House Is Your House delivers its 11th incarnation filled with the very best Techno, Deep House and Tech House on offer. 20 of the finest cuts have been selected for your listening pleasure with tracks and remixes from the likes of Ecco, Johnny Deep & Pierre lusithingy, Charles Ramirez & J.Nandez, Kunda, GgDex, Mr. Beat, Luis Bravo, King & Johnston, Rion Oidua, Tali Freaks, Ivan Masa, Art Sparks, Eric Powa B, Nouskynousk, Son of Gabriela, Leandro Silva, Jazzman Wax & Iban Montero, Charles Ramirez & Stan Garac, TMRP, Bonetti, Filta Freqz and Thermo & DJ Phase. The perfect fodder to keep any party rocking, you will definitely want this in your collection.