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Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2018-06-18

Catalog number: BP7662018

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Mosquito (Andrew Lewis Remix)
Crocy, Andrew Lewis
Mosquito (F-Act Remix)
F-Act, Crocy
Mosquito (Original Mix)

One of our most prolific artists is back with another fine example of quality progressive house music. Crocy delivers the sublime Mosquito which comes backed up with two remixes from F-Act and Andrew Lewis. Last time our we saw Crocy produce a fantastic remix of Wolfson’s Too Loose which gained great support across the board. An integral part of the Bonzai family, Crocy’s work always draws attention and, not only for his studio work but also for his DJ skills. Keep an eye out for more from this talented artist.

The Original Mix offers a deep and provocative trek into progressive as chunky beats and shuffling hats drive a dark and mysterious groove. A plucky bass controls the low end while sharp synth hits slice through the deeper elements. On the break a wonderfully strange melody played out on an ancient instrument captivates, taking us even deeper into the groove. A solid cut that is not to be missed.

Switzerland based Bruno Kaufmann aka F-Act is back on Bonzai Progressive with an excellent remix which follows his debut Disruption from the start of 2018. Bruno’s love for music is not very surprising as he was surrounded by instruments and technology through his childhood as his father was the owner of a music studio. His passion for electronic music was started when his father came home with the album Oxygene by Jean Michael Jarre, the futuristic sounds are fascinating to him until today. He proved his feeling for rhythm and music at the age of seventeen when he got his first DJ gigs. Since 1993 he has been producing music as F-Act, mostly as a hobby but in the early 2000’s he’s churned out a plethora of tunes on various labels with great support from around the world. Here the remix delivers amore upfront take on the original as a tight drum section leads a superb rolling bassline. Rhythmic percussions and arpeggiated notes gather momentum, providing movement in the sound. The break is a cool sequence of various sounds blending nicely together before we get thrust back to full on mode for the duration.

Fresh off the back of his latest BP offering with Protect EP, Andrew Lewis wastes no time and pops up front and centre with a superb remix. Andrew has gained a solid reputation for himself on the scene as his quality productions with testify. Each release surpasses the last and you get a sense of the passion and work ethic from this guy when you delve into his sound. Great to have him back once again and no doubt we’ll be seeing more in the future. The remix here provides a pacey groove with a very cool nostalgic vibe. Punchy kicks and slicing hi hats get us moving while a superb pulsing bassline rattles the low end. Early electronic music inspired synths take the lead which is where the classic feel comes into the track, captivating the mind and locking us in. Another fine slice out of Scotland that is a must have.




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