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Moon Dust

Bonzai Progressive BP8312019 11 March, 2019

Up next on Bonzai Progressive we have a meeting of minds from two musical maestros, namely, Phi Phi and Manu Riga. This Belgian duo are getting together properly for the first time and we’re blown away by the end product of this much anticipated clash of titans.

An introduction is not really needed here, we all know the calibre of these guys and we’re more than familiar with their beautifully crafted works. Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens ranks high among many as a top artist, dedicated to delivering maximum experience to the listener. When he produces music you just know he puts his soul into the groove and, the best part is, he can apply this to several genres as he’s proven in the last few years having delved into the likes of melodic techno, tech, downtempo, chillout and of course progressive house. His last outing, Kurudi, was well received as ever and we hope to see more in the future. Phi Phi aka veteran DJ and producer Philippe Toutlemonde remains at the top of his game after more than 30 years in the business. He has been at the forefront of the dance music scene in Europe during that time and he was a pioneer in the early progressive trance sound. He’s continued to deliver the goods over the last several years and he regularly joins forces with other top producers where he injects his wealth of experience into the project. Always a pleasure having him here at Bonzai Progressive.

Moon Dust is a perfectly balance, ever-evolving progressive mover filled with chunky beats and chunkier basses. The track carries a rich hybrid vibe containing classic elements wrapped up in a contemporary structure. From tight beats and crispy hats to hypnotic synth hits, we’re treated to a masterclass here, no doubt. The low-end frequencies stand out brilliantly here, deep, moody and gritty. The break is sublime with NASA style recordings providing the narrative while celestial sounds create atmosphere. Top notch as always.

Those Who Left Us takes a tougher stance thanks to pounding kick drums and a more raucous percussion section. Quality FX sweep over the sound and as the layers build the atmosphere intensifies. This one is a solid mover that offers no apology, but on the break, we find a stark contrast. Amidst the murky, dark progressive grooves emerges a moment of reflection, of serenity, a chance to respite before the vivacious, chunky groove returns for the duration. A beautiful piece that will be a welcome addition in any late-night setting.