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Moodiness EP

Moodiness EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2019-09-02

Catalog number: BP8722019

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Coca Cola Black (Original Mix)
Lonely Depression (Original Mix)

Brvnni aka Argentinean DJ and producer Franco Bruni debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Moodiness EP. Franco is a DJ in his home town of Buenos Aires where he appears regularly, playing out tight sets to a wanting crowd. He has recently moved into production with a tendency to lean towards the progressive sound with a distinctive tech flavour. We don’t know too much about this guy just yet, but we have no doubt his name will soon be recognised and associated with quality vibes.

We kick off with CocaCola Black and its pulsing bassline that has been churned up from the depths, encased in a warming glow. Nice, tight beats lead a steady rhythm as space-age synths and FX layer up, creating an ethereal groove that mesmerizes. The track takes us up and down with hair-raising climaxes heralding in each act in fine form. After a display of beautifully constructed sequences, the track settles into an exciting analogue filled slice thanks to those classic stabs. A superb effort that will keep the floors moving long into the night.

Lonely Depression intros with quite a dark theme as muted kicks and a gritty bass synth are joined by otherworldly melodic flutters before a short rising cymbal crashes into a solid, powerful groove. The groove is packed with deep, pulsating basses and sharp stabs that compliment each other perfectly. Hypnotic synths fade in, taking us higher and locking us in for the duration. If you thought this track could not take us any further, think again. Coming out of the blue, rich, vibrant, cosmic pads stack up for a totally sublime sequence that contrasts beautifully with the darker elements. A top-notch slice that is not to be missed.




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