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    Mood Control EP

    Mood Control EP

    Label: Green Martian

    Release date: 2016-05-30

    Catalog number: GM2016274

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    Mood Control (Original Mix)
    Night Shift Master
    Into You (Original Mix)
    Night Shift Master
    Fields (Original Mix)
    Night Shift Master

    Ukraine born and now based in Israel, DJ and producer Night Shift Master aka Vlad Medvedev debuts on our Green Martian imprint with the superb Mood Control EP. Vlad was born in Ukraine in 1982, and started to study in a music school when he was 6 years old. After completing his studies at the music school (focusing on Violin and Piano), he graduated from the music academy of his home town, when he was 16. Later on he moved to Israel, and continued his music studies by taking classes at BPM, Tel Aviv’s most famous academy for music production. While getting his B.A degree in audio technology and sound engineering, he produced music in the styles of Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance. Vlad has been also composing music for movies, commercials, performs as a DJ and participates in many other music projects. During his DJ sets, Vlad incorporates performance that are special and unique.

    Mood Control intros with a solid pounding kick drum and subtle hats before a cool synths come through alongside scattered vocal snippets. A wonderfully warm, deep bassline is introduced and the track gets locked into an excellent progressive house groove for the duration. A retro themed FM bass also lurks within the groove here and will definitely get the feet to the floors. As the layers build the track evolves beautifully with subtle melodies delivered by a cool acoustic pluck. This becomes prominent on the break and is joined by a pulsing pad that takes us to the lead synth before we get slammed right back into action. Top notch stuff.

    Deep house vibes ooze out of the next track, Into You. The intro boasts a punchy kick drum and some deep bass hits alongside crispy hi hats. The bass takes on a fantastic club inspired groove that gives off a retro vibe and will definitely get asses on floors for sure. A superb raspy female vocal rings out through the track and beefs up the dance appeal. Cool swirling pads float overhead along with equally cool synths stabs making this a definite must have track that will rock any party no doubt.

    Fields intros with a classic deep house groovy vibe made up of chunky kick drums, crispy hi hats and a warm bass. The bass moves beautifully through the sound and is joined by some superb synth stabs creating a bouncy vibe. Distant vocals litter the sound and add very cool textures to the sound. The big hitter here has got to be the synths that personify the deep house sound beautifully. On the break the sound is filtered against those cool vocals before the bass comes back joined by classic piano stabs. This one has it all, deep, sexy, groovy vibes to light up any set.




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