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Momentum EP

Bonzai Progressive BP9192020 24 February, 2020

JoC H aka Bolivian DJ, producer Jose Henry returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Momentum EP. This one comes after a bit of a hiatus and marks his fourth release with us since 2016. His last outing came back in 2017 alongside fellow countryman Paul Jove and the very well received, Farewell Inti EP. With a hugely impressive back catalogue on top labels this guy has one thing on his mind, to transmit his energy into everything he does creating an exciting and amazing experience to his listeners. Great to see him back for more at BP.

This wonderful EP opens with the title track, Momentum. Right from the off we are drawn into its intriguing allure as a soft mix of percussions led by an inviting kick drum reels us in. Pitching synths create a mesmerizing melody alongside gritty bass drones and chilling vocal shots. The atmosphere intensifies with each bar before we head to the break and more of those captivating vocals. A beautifully woven slice that will not disappoint.

Puertas has a distinctly Latin American vibe thanks to intricate percussion patterns and spritely chords. A nice thumping kick drum leads the way while a hypnotic bass locks us into the groove. The drums are a big focus here, setting the track into a wonderful rhythmic flow. Rich and vibrant melodies are born out of some very cool key work while delicate, crystalized sounds cascade. The main groove will light up any floor and take you to a deep progressive utopia. A must have, not to be missed.

Tierra delivers a beautiful, deep and warm groove. Airy pads converge on top of a bass that moves up and down the scale to devasting effect. Dynamic, tribal infused melodies show up on the break before that powerful bassline returns once again. A tight drum section will ensure dance floor activity, taking the set into the deeper echelons of progressive house. A raspy vocal is spread throughout the track adding a stylish vibe. Deep, melting, fluid grooves for the late-night session.