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Momento EP

Bonzai Progressive BP5932016 24 October, 2016

JoC H aka Bolivian DJ and producer Jose Henry returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic two tracker – Memento EP. With a hugely impressive back catalogue on top labels this guy has one thing on his mind, to transmit his energy into everything he does creating an exciting and amazing experience to his listeners. His debut came in February 2016 – Never Give Up – and gained a great deal of support. Great to see him back once more and hopefully more to come in the future.

Memento is a solid progressive workout that mesmerizes with its warm grooves filled with lush basses and a tight drum arrangement. The progressive vibes ooze out of this one as beautifully tweaked synths deliver that rich sound alongside the hypnotic bassline. The break delivers a short respite from the full on nature of the track before we’re slammed right back into the groove for the duration. Top notch stuff once more from this guy, a must have no doubt.

Pulso intros with a muted kick drum and crispy hi hat combi that set up a nice flowing rhythmic slice. The kicks get their punch soon after leading the track on its path deep into tech. A powerful bassline is the main player here and it dominates the groove beautifully alongside that super tight drum arrangement. Scattered synths and swirling pads create some very nice textures in the sound, but it’s that solid bassline that will get you hooked. One for the late night sessions right here, not to be missed.