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    Mole Dance

    Mole Dance

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2019-02-25

    Catalog number: BP8282019

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    Mole Dance (Original Mix)
    Sid Delight
    Mole Dance (F-Act Remix)
    F-Act, Sid Delight
    Mole Dance (Br!tch Remix)
    Br!tch, Sid Delight

    Sid Delight debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the excellent Mole Dance which features two solid remixes from F-Act and Br!tch. Also known as DJ Tema Psy, Sid Delight is a multi-format DJ and sound producer from Moscow. He began to study music from childhood, experiencing many genres. Hi interest in electronic music began in 2006 and his passion for this style grow and grows. His musical taste is by no means limited to electronic genres, he is a music lover. He believes that music is one of the best inventions of mankind. His debut track, Breeze Of Love has been performing very well having appeared on many compilations since the start of 2018. This guy is definitely one to watch for the future.

    The Original Mix draws us deep into a full-on tech house joint complete with a solid thumping kick and lush, plucky bassline. Cool vocals deliver a classic club vibe as the bassline bounces along, getting the dancing juices flowing. The break reaches higher with a sublime, cosmic sequence of synths before we delve back into the main groove. A catchy number that will be definite dancefloor banger.

    F-Act aka Switzerland based Bruno Kaufmann returns to us with a sublime remix. Last time out we were treated to the fantastic Detuned World which saw great support. Bruno’s passion for electronic music began when his father came home with the album Oxygene by Jean Michael Jarre, the futuristic sounds are fascinating to him until today. He proved his feeling for rhythm and music at the age of seventeen when he got his first DJ gigs. Since 1993 he has been producing music as F-Act, mostly as a hobby but in the early 2000’s he’s churned out a plethora of tunes on various labels with great support from around the world. On the remix here we’re treated to a wonderful progressive mover with a nice tight drum section leading the way. Cool 303 style sequences fade into the background as an accompaniment to the warm, rolling bassline. An intensity builds in the groove thanks to a perfect blend of sounds that take on a space age persona. An absolute must have no doubt.

    Swiss DJ and producer duo Br!tch are back at Bonzai Progressive on remix duties after their debut here with Fallout from the end of 2018. The project began with a great friendship between Franc?ois Renevey and Je?re?mie Perreaud who decided to get together in 2015 and they began to play DJ sets in different Swiss clubs and festivals. The duo also worked actively on music production releasing original tracks on various respected labels such as Istanbul Records, Plasmapool and King Street Sounds. Their releases stand out with a unique sound that combines groove from the club culture and melodic chords. On the remix the guys take us straight to the dancefloor with an upfront tech house joint. Chunky beats are met with shuffling hats and percussions while rich chords stab out a smooth groove. A deep bassline locks us down as subtle acid lines weave in and out. Snappy snare rolls keep the energy levels high making this a go to track to get the party rocking.




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