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Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2017-11-27

Catalog number: BP7132017

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Mnong (Original Mix)
Masakra (Original Mix)

Cherry aka Ukraine based DJ and producer Oleh Cherkes debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Mnong. Filled with lush progressive grooves and tight drum arrangement, this is truly a very impressive debut. No stranger to the scene, Oleh has several releases on various labels and his music enjoys a lot of support from across the board. He is also known for his dynamic, building sets that always pleases the crowd. Great to have him on board here at BP and we hope to see much more soon.

Mnong sets out with an alluring pad that sits in the background while cool percussion patterns gather up front. A nice chunky kick drum comes through alongside a punchy offset bass. A deeper, much grittier bass soon follows giving the track a dynamic, layered feel. Mesmeric vocal shots ring out as an intensity builds. The break takes on a tribal element thanks to chanting vocals and chaotic drum slapping before we’re taken back into full on mode. A solid progressive slice that is not to be missed.

Right from the off Masakra gives off a deep progressive flavour that does not disappoint. Distant pads lurk as tight beats get the rhythm moving. Those pads start to really have a big impact, simmering just below the surface while quirky synth hits add a melodic trait to the sound. A deep sub level bassline keeps the track rooted as hypnotic arpeggios cascade through the sound. The break throws up a magical sequence filled with captivating synths and hair raising vocals matched with a changing bass. An excellent cut to keep the floors rocking.




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