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Bonzai Progressive BP5922016 17 October, 2016

Gabriel West and Ricardo Piedra debut on Bonzai Progressive with this superb jam packed album entitled, Mission which throws up some top notch progressive house and techno cuts that are sure to delight many. 11 beautifully crafted tracks take us on a wonderfully rich journey into music as they walk a fine line between progressive house and techno. These guys have been working together now for a couple of years and they’ve racked up quite an impressive release count on many top labels including Electrified Mindz, Krata, Dlimited, Egothermia, Zero and many more. They also enjoy DJing at various venues where they dish out their own brand of deep prog and infectious techno. We’re happy to see these guys at BP we’ve no doubt they’ll grab a lot attention.

From the outset we get drawn into the sound laid down by this talented duo, they tear up any rules that might exist and just make sublime music. Honey gives us our first taste of their progressive side as tight punchy drums lead the way to the back drop of cool spoken vocals, subtle melodies and a deep layered bass. Mission is up next and we’re kept in the depths with a hybrid prog-techno offering filled with pulsing basses and chunky kicks that will definitely keep any late night venue rocking. Bozon goes deeper again with a fantastic probing bass as the main focus alongside well rounded kicks, sharp hats and some gritty synths to stir the track up a bit. Troll comes out of the blocks with a nice kick drum and cool FX as rhythmic percussions start to form up. A deep rumbling bassline gives the track a warm glow as scathing synths break up the low frequencies. Next we have Be Ok which delivers a straight up techno joint that carries a prog edge throughout. Rumbling basses and tight drums make up most of the track while cool textures are created from the vocal and brilliant synths. At the midway point we get a taste of the prog-tech hybrid Epic, and that title could not be more apt. This one delivers a truly hypnotic slice as that mesmeric bassline takes us deeper. Up top we are treated to some expertly crafted FX and drum patterns that will definitely keep the floors moving.
On the home straight this album continues to throw up some tasty treats. Carparthians and Lagoon are beautiful examples of deep, moody and melancholic progressive house. Wrapped up in warm basses, both tracks will leave you in a dreamlike state. In the fusion between tech and prog we have three superb cuts with Exoplanet, Empire and Champagne, gritty edgy synths, subtle melodies and some very cool vocals reside within and each track will surely project very well on the floors.

Mission is a stunning display of Gabriel and Ricardo’s talents, injected with warmth and some seriously infectious grooves, this one is a definite must have.