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Piston Recordings PR2015150 9 March, 2015

The hugely impressive Daniel Ray debuts on Piston with the brilliant two tracker, Mirrors. Daniel was a regular feature on Eyepatch Recordings where he dished out his brand of deep house goodness. October 2014 saw A Numbers Game perform well and on top of that he featured in several compilations from the Bonzai stable.

Mirrors sets out with a smooth chord structure that just oozes late night house vibes. Bright and crispy hats come through and join up with a cool drum arrangement as various other key elements are introduced. The keys go through various stages as they are twisted and contorted with expert precision. A cool plucky bassline keeps the low end groove flowing in this beautifully constructed slice of deep organic house.

Under intros with a very cool kick and hat combi that could have come straight off a high end drum kit. Various percussive elements begin to layer up as orchestral wind instruments lurk in the background. A big plucky, cello sounding bass dances along the groove while simple key structures fill the gaps. The track gives off a very live sounding vibe that will definitely get the floors moving with its big sounds.