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Bonzai Progressive BP6882017 11 September, 2017

Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra deliver their latest floor destroyer in the form of the two tracker entitled Miocen. Gabriel and Ricardo have settled in extremely well here at Bonzai with multiple quality releases to show for their efforts. This latest slice is no exception in their long line of solid progressive cuts and follows the very well received Roulette EP. They also branch out on solo runs from time to time, most recently we had Della from Ricardo while Gabriel has seen releases on various other labels. A highly talented pairing no doubt, we always look forward to new material from these two.

Miocen enters the realms of the dark progressive house thanks to a beautifully arranged layered groove made up of lush basses, tight drums and mesmeric FX. Rhythmic percussions fill out the drum section which is led by a punchy kick drum that will definitely get the floors moving. A rolling bassline creates energy and is topped off with a dark and gritty droning synth that ebbs and flows through the sound. Subtle melodic arps peek through the darkness but are only second to the intensity of the main groove. Solid stuff once again from the guys, top notch.

Devon intros with a superb punchy well rounded kick drum which is joined by crispy hi hats and rhythmic percussions. We get totally hooked on this one from early as an intense synth arpeggio filters in and out with great effect. Going deeper we find a sub level bass that holds the track firmly in the depths. The break is a sublime affair with mysterious pads and eerie sounds adding wonderful textures before we’re slammed right back into full on mode for the duration. Excellent stuff that will not disappoint.