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Bonzai Progressive BP4682015 27 July, 2015

Bonzai Progressive firm favourite Crocy is back with another of his spine tingling progressive cuts entitled Mind. He once again enlists the delicious talents of Canadian vocalist Ashley Berndt who was also the voice behind the very well received Cry. Crocy continues to be a much revered artist on the scene given his attention to detail and levels of creativity. His music finds its way into many sets and has featured on lots of compilations across Europe. On the DJing front he continues to impress with ass shakin, feet stompin mixes. Much more to come from this guy, well worth keeping an eye on. Ashley is making her mark on the scene with perfectly executed vocals and strong lyrics, both of which fit snugly into the progressive, deep house genre. A superb talent that captivates with a magical singing voice, we are sure to be hearing a lot more from this lady in the future.

The original mix of Mind opens up with a solid kick and cool hats and cymbals that set the scene for a very dancey groove. A short vocal snippet leads up to the wonderfully rich bassline that becomes a big focus on the track and the main drive throughout. Sweet melodic piano sequences are the perfect accompaniment to the beautifully weighted vocal performance from Ashley. Another superb progressive cut from Crocy that will gain a lot of attention no doubt.

Comfort intros with a cool drum arrangement made up of punchy kicks, sharp claps, crispy hats and rhythmic patterns. The attention remains firmly on the drum patterns throughout and along the way we are treated to some expert FX tweaking. The track takes on a surreal cosmic vibe filled with deep, dirty synths and cool noisy licks resulting in a very interesting construction. A must have tool in your box that will not disappoint.