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Midnight Pinball

Bonzai Progressive BP4752015 17 August, 2015

Alexey Samotarev returns to Bonzai Progressive with his latest deep progressive offering, Midnight Pinball. We always get an air of excitement around the office when this guys stuff drops in the box. No wonder, as his previous cuts with testify that he sure knows how to deliver the goods. We last got a glimpse of this guy on Audio Noir’s Now & Zen album as well as multiple appearances on various Bonzai compilations. Great to see more from this talented artist and we hope to see much more in the future.

Midnight Pinball intros with a solid kick and cool percussion line as a reverb heavy sound kicks in. The bass ploughs through with a super deep groove that drives the track beautifully as the tight drums keep the rhythm pumping. Blippy sequenced notes scatter across the sound with a playful manner that is in stark contrast to the deeper leanings of the vibe. Sweeping synths come in and add a cool richness to the groove that keeps it firmly locked into the progressive sphere. Brilliant stuff yet again from Alexey that you will not want to miss.

Bonzai regular Yuriy From Russia hits us up with one of his outstanding remixes, and once again he knocks it outta the park. Yuriy is fast becoming a remix guru here, his last outing was on knob tweaking duty for Alexey Lisin & Ange’s Vesna which was very well received indeed. Mush more coming from this guy, so keep a lookout. The track intros with a super punchy kick and shuffling hat sequence that builds up a steady rhythm. The bassline is the big hitter with an offbeat-onbeat pattern that drives the groove beautifully on a deep progressive course. A cascading melodic arp flows through the sound and is the perfect accompaniment for that superb deep bass. The synths open up and sweep across the sound as the layers build. The track losses all high end frequency as that bass toughens up for a short stint on its own before the high end returns with rhythmic gusto. Expertly crafted sounds from a hugely talented artist that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Following Light debuts on Bonzai Progressive with this stunning remix. Ukranian born Kirill Guk has remained a constant force in the progressive house world since 2010 having released on a vast selection of labels. Inmost Records, Balkan Connection and Abstract Space are just a few of the labels mentioned but gives you an idea of the status this guy holds. His music features heavily in sets across the globe and he has worked with some top artists along the way. The remix intros with a cool, textured vibe filled with swirling pads and a smooth synth chord alongside stuttering percussions. A nice punchy kick takes over and is joined by a crispy hat section that tops the tight arrangement. A deep probing bass comes in and gets this progressive groove on the move. The layers build and transforms this sound into a hypnotic, infectious groove that locks you in for the duration.