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    Mexico City

    Mexico City

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2015-08-31

    Catalog number: BP4792015

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    Mexico City (Original Mix)
    Jamie Baggotts
    Buenos Aires (Original Mix)
    Jamie Baggotts

    UK based DJ and producer Jamie Baggotts returns to Bonzai Progressive after a short hiatus with the fantastic Mexico City. It was back in February 2015 when we last saw this guy with the equally fantastic The Chant which gained great support across the board. In the meantime he has been busy on the DJ circuit as well as collaborating with top producers such as The Digital Blonde. Much more to come from this guy and well worth keeping a lookout for more news.

    Mexico City intros with a subtle muted kickdrum and minimal percussions as a melodic synth note plays out on top. The bass teases as it fades in and out before the kicks get their punch and the track starts to lift off. The bass finally bursts out delivering a driving groove with a beautifully warm overtone that hypnotises throughout. Tight drum patterns form up and give us a solid dancey rhythm to play with. An understated intensity is felt as a mid level synth line etches out its groove that threatens to burst into a full on chord sequence. Subtle melodies can be heard through =out and makes this track a very intriguing one and a definite must have in your collection.

    Buenos Aires sets out with a punchy, tough kick that grabs attention straight away. Subtle synth arps litter the background as trance-like basses come through with their deep, driving grooves. Cool, slicing hats cut through the lower frequencies beautifully giving a stark contrasting vibes. Teasing synths play out in the background as the track powers on in its solid groove. On the break we get a taste of those synths opened up and unleashing their potential as the track enters its final run. A wonderful display of progressive house that borders on uplifting that will no doubt rock the floors.




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