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Bonzai Progressive BP4592015 29 June, 2015

Spanish DJ and producer Alex Vidal churns out another top notch cut on Bonzai Progressive with Mesmerized. Just a few months ago we saw him on remix duty for Audio Noir’s, Life which proved very popular indeed on many playlists. Since then he has racked up appearances on our Ibiza 2015 compilation as well as showings on Green Martian’s Afterhour Trax 15 and 16.

Mesmerized takes us down into the progressive abyss with a truly captivating array of sounds that blend effortlessly into a superb construction. Right from the off as the percussions form up to the backdrop of an atmospheric pad and the fading in punchy kicks, we get locked into the groove. A proper, raw, dirty bass picks up the pace and really delivers the goods to keep asses shakin’. Scattered around you’ll find smooth vocal licks and subtle melodic phrases that pop out for a short time before getting lost in the mire once more. An epic slice of prog that will definitely grab the attention of many this summer.

Distant Lights intros with a somewhat tender kick drum that sits nicely alongside those captivating pads that ebb and flow. A smooth and steady rhythm is picked up by the crispy hats and tight percussion arrangement with a further boost by the deep rooted, driving bass line that dominates the track throughout. Sweeping strings and pads come complete with drifting melodies as synths threaten to burst out. On the break be prepared to totally lose yourself in the cosmic soundscape with that tough edged bass line as the backbone. A hell of a track that is most definitely going to be a main player in many sets no doubt.