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Melancholia EP

Green Martian GM2017301 3 July, 2017

Following Light and K.Oshkin join forces on the superb two tracker Melancholia EP. Ukranian born Kirill Guk aka Following Light has remained a constant force in the progressive house world since 2010 having released on a vast selection of labels. He first appeared on Green Martian back in 2015 with Dell and has went on to remix several cuts on various labels under the Bonzai umbrella. His music features heavily in sets across the globe and he has worked with some top artists along the way. K.Oshkin aka Konstantin Oshkin makes his first GM appearance with this one after showing up on Bonzai Progressive one year ago with Assol. Since 2014 this guy has racked up an impressive discography that focuses in on quality progressive sounds. His work has been released on various labels including Incepto, Sleepless Nights Recordings, Inmost Records, Aeriform Records and Balkan Connection to name just a few. On top of that he has worked with a raft of top producers, Ewan Rill, Following Light, Matt Holliday and Jonnas B are just some of the artists who have picked up on Konstantin’s sound and provided their own top class remix.

Melancholia is the perfect blend of deep progressive grooves and subtle melodies that will certainly keep the floors moving. This exceptionally produced slice offers a deep groove filled with wonderful textured FX and beautifully crafted pads. Sweet melodic pianos cut through the low frequencies to deliver stark contrasts making the title of the track perfectly apt. A hypnotic bassline runs through the groove alongside a rhythmic drum section adding drive and purpose. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

Next up we have the sublime Return To Heaven with its superb melancholic melodies all wrapped up in a warm progressive package. A solid drum arrangement leads the way, keeping the rhythm flowing while a deep melodic bass strengthens the groove. Fantastic background FX add textures and colour as various keys play out an enlightening narrative. A masterclass in the art of creating deep and thought provoking material, definitely one for the late night session here.