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Meine Welt

Bonzai Progressive BP7682018 25 June, 2018

Prolific Belgian artist Manu Riga returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb two tracker titled Meine Welt. Manu Riga’s sound has evolved over the years and we have become accustomed to his masterful musical arrangements no matter what style he turns his hand to. The attention to detail is staggering, listening to his tracks you get a true sense of the artist behind the music, of professionalism and skill. This was true in his last outing which was on remix duties for Wolfson’s Too Loose which followed his collaboration with Hypnotised on Out Of Control. Now running his own label ? Vesta Records – as well as recording DJ mixes for various radio stations, we know there is still much more to come from this stalwart in progressive house and melodic techno.

Meine Welt opens with a solid punchy kick drum followed by soft hats and intricate percussion patterns. Wide cinematic stabs bring in a deep droning bass that fills out the low end beautifully. The bass controls the groove and the note changes just drag you in deeper and deeper. Some groovy synth action hails in the main hook which cuts through the deeper elements leaving us high in the clouds. In contrast to the harsher sounds, a super sweet piano melody hangs in the groove and the main break delivers cool gated synths before the main groove returns for the duration. Another seriously outstanding slice from Manu Riga that will not disappoint.

With a nod to a depiction of a dystopian future, Manu Riga gives us the epic Twenty Forty Nine. Epic for a reason, this track takes us on a journey to the unknown, with a masterful display of musical composition to get us there. Filled with warming basses and hypnotic melodies, the groove locks you in. A tight drum section lays the platform for a multi-layered synth and bass arrangement. Mesmerizing pads full of dark atmospherics weave through the sound as subtle, much softer melodies lurk in the distance. A truly outstanding cut from this extremely talented artist, an absolute must have track in your arsenal.