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Mechanical Dances

Bonzai Progressive BP8192019 21 January, 2019

K.Oshkin makes a welcome return to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Mechanical Dances which comes backed up with two solid remixes. Fresh off the back of his last effort here with Return To Sources alongside Following Light, it’s always a treat when his stuff comes through the inbox and, just like his previous outings here, this one rocks. Since 2014 he has racked up an impressive discography that focuses in on quality progressive sounds. His work has been released on various labels including Incepto, Sleepless Nights Recordings, Inmost Records, Aeriform Records and Balkan Connection to name just a few.

The Original Mix opens with a distinctly funky bassline and rhythmic drum arrangement that will definitely get the toes tapping. Cool analogue style synths create a frenetic vibe as vocal snippets come through. The infectious bassline shores the track up beautifully making this an absolute must have for any set.

Ukrainian born Following Light aka Kirill Guk is up first on remix duties and churns out yet another superb cut for our listening pleasure. Kirill has remained a constant force in the progressive house and techno worlds since 2010 having released on a vast selection of labels including Inmost Records, Balkan Connection and Abstract Space to name just a few. Most of his time is spent running multiple labels under his Lincor Family Group which boasts a plethora of top producers on its books. His music features heavily in sets across the globe and he has worked with some top artists along the way. On the remix here, Kirill takes the us on a sublime progressive journey thanks to a tight drum section and a bubbling bassline that drives the groove effortlessly. Cool synths deliver the main hook as an array of FX fill out the sound. Deep and grooving, just the tonic to keep the floors rocking long into the night.

Belarusian musician, composer, arranger and remixer Vadim Kobrinets aka Edvard Hunger debuts on Bonzai Progressive with an outstanding remix. Vadim started his project in 2009 with his first productions made for participation in a remix contest for the Russian Promodj website. He went on to win other remix contests in the following years. His first release was published in the 2010 and since then he has appeared on several top labels including Mystic Carousel Records, Gert Records, Arrant Records, OLQ SQL Recordings, Electric Romeo Records, 3xA Music, Inmost and Lincor. The remix opens with a nice punchy kick drum and shuffling hi hat combi while dreamy pads fade in. Plucky arpeggio synths rise up, taking us to the bassline which probes deep into the groove. A sense of euphoria builds up as the synths intensify culminating in a solid drop to just the lower frequencies before starting the sublime sequence all over again. Great stuff that will not disappoint.