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    Label: Skull & Tones

    Release date: 2015-01-26

    Catalog number: ST2015001

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    Materia (Original Mix)
    Khristian K
    Ghost Train (Original Mix)
    Khristian K
    Some Drums Sketch A Direction (Original Mix)
    Khristian K

    We are proud to announce our very first release on our brand new label Skull & Tones. Khristian K’s Materia is the debut cut on the Portugal based Techno outfit. Founded in January 2015 the goal of S & T will be to deliver the finest quality Techno from across Europe and the world. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Budapest based Khristian K. To our ranks. Khristian is a stalwart on the Techno and Minimal scenes among other genres, he has a vast back catalogue stretching back many years on labels like Im-Moral and Lucidflow. He currently runs his own labels MANDMS Music and Moira Audio Recordings which always attracts only the best artists. No doubt his wealth of experience and talent will be the perfect start to our new venture into the world of Techno.

    Materia sets the tone perfectly with its dark Minimal vibe. The intro blends various percussions that filter up to a steady 4×4 beat filled with a beautifully resonating kick. A big draw on the track is definitely the percussion arrangements which vary from dry and snappy hits to more subtle elements awash with release. The kicks are overlayed with enough bass to keep the low end interesting and gives more space to the midrange. A truly infectious slice that will be a welcome addition in any set.

    Ghost Train sets out with pace as percussions immersed in bubbles sits under a smooth rhythmic kick and hat combi. A somewhat energetic vibe is conveyed through this tight mix of bubbling bass, tight drums and sweeping synth FX. In the background a very cool Techno stab teases as you wish it to burst out and take control. A proper dark fuelled ride which will be a big player on many floors.

    Some Drums Sketch A Direction intros with a pulsing bass and a punchy kick that does a great job getting you locked right into the sound. Stuttering percussions begin to fade through and raises the energy as it goes. Sharp risers litter the groove and take us to the break where we get a blast of noisy synths before getting thrust back into the main track. This one has all the ingredients of a monster tune, not to be missed.




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