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Martini EP

Martini EP

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-07-17

Catalog number: PR2017330

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Martini (Original Mix)
Wenn Ich Gehe (Original Mix)

Leipzig, Germany based DJ and producer (Sebastian) Molinero comes to Piston Recordings with a superb deep house slice entitled Martini EP. Sebastian started to DJ at just 15 years old, by the time he was 17 he was getting his first club gigs playing house and techno. A couple of years later he secured his current residency at Kaffeehaus Le Club, Flensburg. In 2016 he started to get into producing his own music and he is carving out his own unique style where rhythm and groove are important as well as blending different genres. Both tracks here are dedicated to his friends and his hometown. A fine debut we think you’ll agree.

Deep house grooves abound in the garage fuelled Martini that will definitely get a run out in many sets. Powerful probing basses are the order of the day here and no doubt the subs are gonna love it. A groovy drum arrangement filled with chunky kicks and rhythmic percussions keeps the feet dancing while cool chord stabs fill out the high end. A distinct intensity is realised within the track which adds to the deep nature of the groove giving you the tools to command the floor.

Wenn Ich Gehe intros with a punchy kick and bright hi hat combi and the kicks bring the rhythm to life with their flavourful arrangement. A mesmeric chord pad fades in along with a beautifully lush sub level bass which fills out the track brilliantly. The break is a wonderful piece of arrangement, the pads are left alone, slowly fading in with a subtle voice in the background, both creating a surreal atmosphere before the drums return for the duration. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.




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