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Green Martian GM2018327 22 October, 2018

Ricardo Piedra is back at Green Martian with his fifth solo effort titled Manta. Ricardo has seen releases on our flagship Bonzai Progressive imprint as a solo artist as well as alongside studio partner Gabriel West. Over the last few years he’s racked up quite an impressive back catalogue across several labels, gaining a solid rep on the scene. Always a pleasure to have him here at GM.

Manta opens with a solid, punchy kick drum and bright crispy hi hat. A dark themed pad teases before the bassline comes through, creating movement and drive in the groove. Cool synths generate a mesmerizing melodic sequence and a series of perfectly executed FX provide depth and texture. The break reveals a serene image filled with melancholy and intrigue before we head back to full on mode for the duration. Top notch stuff as always.

Moana sets out with a pumping kick drum that packs a solid punch. Bright, shuffling hi hats fill in the rhythm as glistening melodies lurk. A superb, deep, rolling bassline takes over and the groove lights up, bringing the dancefloor to life. Cool arpeggiated notes cascade through the track, captivating the mind and adding depth to the sound. On the break we’re treated to a superb sequence filled with intricate, delicate patterns which leads us back to the main groove. A fantastic slice of deep progressive house that will not disappoint.