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Mad Array

Bonzai Progressive BP5092015 7 December, 2015

  • Mad Array feat. Alexandra Pride (Original Mix)

    Zatonsky, Alexandra Pride

  • Mad Array feat. Alexandra Pride (Alexey Lisin Remix)

    Zatonsky, Alexey Lisin, Alexandra Pride

  • Mad Array feat. Alexandra Pride (Dapa Deep Remix)

    Zatonsky, Dapa Deep, Alexandra Pride

Russian producer Zatonsky returns to Bonzai Progressive, but this time he marks his full release debut with Mad Array, after he graced us with his remix on Alexey Lisin & Ange’s – Vesna back in June 2015. With a very impressive list of tracks across various labels we can see why this guy is in great demand. We sure hope to see more from this guy and his brand of deep and moody grooves. Featuring a brilliant vocal from Russian singer-songwriter Alexandra Pride, this one comes packed with remixes from Alexey Lisin and Dapa Deep.

The Original Mix intros with a smooth deep and moody chord alongside crispy hats and claps as an arpeggiated soft key comes through. The beautifully sultry vocal from Alexandra soon takes over and leads the track on to its deep grooving course. Big chunky kicks join giving the track a dance floor boost that will surely get bootys shakin all night long. The bass line combines perfectly with the vocal creating a melancholic vibe full of deep house flavours with a slither of progressive peeking out. Top notch stuff you’ll not want to miss.

Alexey Lisin steps in to return the favour on remix duty and delivers another stunning slice of his brand of deep house sounds. His last outing for BP – Try My Soul, also featured the superb vocals of Alexandra Pride and gained a lot of support across the board. We know we are getting only the very best quality music when this guy’s involved. The remix intros with a cool percussive arrangement that builds up slowly to form into a monster deep house groove complete with a rumbling bass line and some classy chords. Tight drums deliver a solid rhythmic feel to the track as that bass line holds up the lower end with ease. Cool synths litter the sound and fills the spaces left by the sparse vocals brilliantly. A superb slice of deepness yet again from this guy, a must have track for sure.

Dapa Deep – aka Lithuanian DJ and producer duo Darius Beinoravicius and Paulius Bukauskas – debut on BP with their remix of this fine slice of house music. Having met up in 2012 they started to produce and DJ together with each artist bringing different attributes to the table. Darius was melodic progressive kind of guy while Paulius was more into groovier house sounds. Both guys have graced the decks at top venues and played with top DJ’s over the years. Together, they have blended their own styles creating a unique sound that offers a fresh approach to music. Here the remix gets going with a pacey kick and shuffling hat combo that gets the rhythms moving nicely before a gritty bass synth sweeps across the sound. The track breaks to reveal a deep droning bass alongside those super sweet vocals and bright melodic plucks. With a deep house groove running through this one, we get a taste of progressive flavours in there also which makes for a very interesting sound, combing melody and melancholy to great effect. A wonderfully crafted slice that will grab a lot of attention no doubt.