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Love From Another Woman EP

Piston Recordings PR2015174 24 August, 2015

Argentinean DJ and producer Leandro Di debuts on piston with his Love From Another Woman EP. Leandro started out listening to funk, disco and jazz which began to shape his musical tastes and added influences like deep basses and hypnotic rhythms. As the years progressed he got into DJing and played styles like deep house, house, acid house and tech house. His impressive catalogue of tracks have seen releases on labels like Vulcania Records, Ho Records, Making Smiles, Restore Music and Complex Textures to name just a few.

Love From Another Woman intros with a crispy bright drum arrangement which is joined by a warm pad chord that rises up from the depths bringing a world of deep house to the surface. Nice punchy kicks join in and give the track a cool rhythm to move to. The slow, lazy bass comes through and gives off a laid back groovy feeling to the sound. A soulful vocal enters the fray and really sets the track on fire with its lush tones. Super smooth, super sexy grooves to get down and dirty with.

Just For House notches up a gear with a cool heavy kick and crisp slicing hat that carries a lot of weight as it cuts up the frequencies. Pure house driven chord stabs linger through the groove as a deep probing bass comes in to get those asses shakin’. Drum patterns form up and let loose with a solid driving rhythmic flow that will definitely have the floors moving. Cool vocals and high strings add texture and allow this track to shine. A soon to be firm favourite no doubt.

Jesus Street kicks off with a pounding bassdrum that strikes the perfect balance between mid and low frequencies while razor sharp are cutting through. A subtle drum arrangement layers up delivering a steady rhythm as a deep, resonating bass lurks at the low end. Cool spoken vocals come through bringing a surreal narrative with an urban twist. A minimal construction with just enough suggestive keys to keep the house flavour going and a definite must have track in your box.