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Lost Elements

Bonzai Progressive BP7312018 5 February, 2018

Rick Pier O’Neil returns to BP while Chris Gavin debuts here with the fantastic two tracker entitled Lost Elements. No strangers to each other, Rick and Chris co-own Art&Fact Records and Chris also worked on RPO Records. Chris’ music has been championed by many top jocks and producers over the years and his style of producing music always delivers a unique flavour. Rick has given us some top notch quality cuts and he remains a very much revered figure in the music production world. He’s provided several quality remixes and original works in the last couple of years to Bonzai Progressive and his Terra Veteris track alongside Manu Riga was greatly received on the scene. Great to have both guys on board.

Lost Elements wastes no time in getting into a delicious progressive flow. Right from the off we’re treated to smooth warming vibes, led by a tight drum section, hypnotic pads float in the background while deep probing basses bubble up from the depths. Atmospheric synths and pads are joined by an intriguing spoken vocal which is backed with tirbalistic chanting. The track moves from dark and mysterious to emotive in short measure, creating a rich and diverse sound that will not disappoint.

India dishes out an exquisite spectrum of progressive sounds for our listening pleasure. A solid drum section driven by a pumping kick and boosted by rhythmic percussions and shuffling hi hats whets the appetite and forces us to the floor. The bassline really gets things moving with its hypnotic allure captivating the senses. A melodic and mesmeric arpeggio lights the track up and will surely put a smile on the faces of clubbers as the warming vibes waft through the crowd. Superb stuff that is most definitely not to be missed.