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Lonely Spaceship EP

Lonely Spaceship EP

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-11-06

Catalog number: PR2017361

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Lonely Spaceship (Original Mix)
Eat Dust
Some Kind Of Deep (Original Mix)
Eat Dust

Mario Silva aka Eat Dust is back at the helm on Piston Recordings with another stomping tech house joint entitled Lonely Spaceship EP. We just can’t get enough of this guy, this one marks his 9th outing for us and he just keeps getting better and better. With regular high chartings on several portals and playlists, Mario certainly brings his best to the table every time. So much more still to come from this guy so stay tuned.

Lonely Spaceship intros with cool display of metallic percussions alongside a deeper drum sound offering a nice contrast in the sound. Bright crispy hi hats are joined by sharp claps and a pounding kick drum that really gets the blood flowing into the track. Space age FX litter the sound as a deep rumbling bassline dominates the low end. The big hitter here though is the expertly crafted drum patterns that keep the rhythm moving nicely. Top notch stuff as always from this guy, not to be missed.

Some Kind Of Deep sets off with a solid pumping kick drum with bright hi hats and snappy claps joining in to generate a smooth rhythmic vibe. A deep subby bassline warms things up as even warmer chords come though. In the background you’ll find all kinds of wonderfully strange FX that add cool textures to the groove. A real nice and smooth slice of deep tech house that will definitely get the floors moving.




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