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Bonzai Progressive BP8522019 10 June, 2019

Fatih Kosar and Eren Eren debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Lock-In which features a fantastic remix from Manu Riga. Hailing from Istanbul, Fatih and Eren have carved out a solid reputation on the dance music scene. Faith’s passion for underground music during his early years, led him to electronica and, a job at the popular Twenty club. From here he started to gather dance records, gaining experience and forming a party collective called Groove Therapy. He remains an underground DJ and he loves the deeper sounds of house and progressive. Eren is obsessed with spreading sound frequencies that expand the sonic boundaries of the present by feeding off the past and future roots of culture. A lover of several genres, his sets are innovative and raw. He’s held residencies as top Istanbul clubs, playing alongside a host of world-renowned jocks and ha has presented his own radioshows. Great to have both of these super talented artists on board at Bonzai.

The Original Mix delves deep into the progressive psyche with a blend of meaningful, lush bass tones that offer warmth and richness to the groove. Tight beats and shuffling percussions provide a smooth rhythmic flow as mesmerizing arpeggios cascade. Short, sharp bowed strings deliver the hook, cutting through the darker elements with a melancholic melody that adds contrast to the sound. Top-notch stuff that will not disappoint.

The music maestro Manu Riga is up on remix duties and once again he turns in a solid performance, creating a superb interpretation for our listening pleasure. His last effort here, alongside Phi Phi and their impactful Moon Dust EP, was very well received indeed, and we’re not surprised given the consistent quality Manu Riga has delivered over the years. Held in high regard by his peers, Manu Riga has inspired a generation of upcoming and established artists with his unique production style and sound manipulation. A hugely impressive back catalogue on Bonzai and other labels is a testament to this guy’s skill. Always a real treat to hear his latest offering. On the remix here, we find ourselves hurtling deeper and deeper thanks to a sub level, probing bassline that dishes out a menacing flavour. A superbly crafted drum arrangement stands out, driving the groove alongside some very clever white noise manipulation. Darker elements begin to rise up, creating a meaty structure that intrigues and mystifies. Subtle arpeggios slice through the murk and, on the break, we find cool spoken vocals that add character. An excellent performance once again from Manu Riga, this one is not to be missed.