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Live Your Lies

Live Your Lies

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2015-04-06

Catalog number: BP4382015

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Live Your Lies (Original Mix)
Sivan (Original Mix)
78 (Original Mix)
Amigos (Original Mix)

The prolific Crocy returns with Live Your Lies, a four tracker full to the brim with superb progressive vibes. Crocy continues his string of top cuts as evident on the reworking of Recht as well as some excellent remixes and features on various compilations.

The title track, Live Your Lies, stands out as a superb house groover with its warm bass that dances across the sound brilliantly while chunky beats and crisp hats keep the rhythms in check. On the break a raw synth etches its mark on the sound alongside cool vocal one shots that add a cool character to the groove. A solid must have track that will no doubt have those dancing feet shuffling across many floors.

Sivan intros with a cool drum arrangement that sets up the rhythmic flow of the track while a pulsing bass lurks in the rear. Subtle strings ease in as a riser takes us into the main groove with a pounding kick and a monster bass. As the track builds a classic acid line begins to form and is unleashed fully on the break taking us into spaced out territory. The break mesmerizes as it reaches a climax where we get thrust back into the main track as a high pitched lead takes over for the duration, top notch yet again.

Next up we have 78 which intros with a superbly tuned kick that seems to leave a little bit of aftertaste to keep us wanting more. On the upbeat a rich chord stab helps us on our way and gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. A gritty bass creeps its way into the sound alongside a piercing acid lick and strange voices that mystify with their presence. Tight drum patterns litter the groove and add cool contrasts between the deeper elements. A real dark and moody affair that will no doubt grab a lot of attention.

Amigos rounds up this top notch pack and does it in style. A monster kick that pounds out a driving groove intros with a little help from shuffling hats. If that wasn’t enough a deep chugging bassline joins the party and we are on course for a real progressive treat. As the groove is locked in a synth line fades up and delivers a hypnotizing pattern that captivates the mind. On the break a melodic flavour is introduced that leads to a superb cosmic like string before we are slammed back into the main sound. A definite big hitter here that will not disappoint.




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