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Green Martian GM2018321 18 June, 2018

Ricardo makes the jump over on our more melodic driven progressive imprint Green Martian with the stunning two track slice titled Lily. With a raft of top notch releases over on Bonzai Progressive, we’re delighted to have him at GM where we know his more polished, harmonious sounds will thrive. We last saw Ricardo alongside his formidable studio partner and friend Gabriel West with their Tonic EP which found itself appearing on many charts and playlists. A versatile artist with a diverse skillset, he certainly knows how to work a track. No doubt we’ll be seeing lots more from this guy both solo and in collaboration, for now though enjoy these two super tracks.

Lily’s Flight intros with a very nice classic style kick and hi hat combi. A very warm bassline rolls in adding depth to the groove, so simple yet it draws you in. Musical synths carve out a winding path, shaping the groove in an otherworldly fashion. Soft, twinkling arpeggios cut through the deeper elements beautifully as a hair-raising melody fades in via strings and vox. The break mesmerizes as the melodies become the main focus, full of emotion and inspiration before those chunky beats return. Very nice indeed and not to be missed.

Lily’s Garden takes us on a wondrous adventure deep into progressive. Nice, thick beats lead the way as rhythmic percussions deliver a tribalistic vibe. A deep rumbling bassline fills the lower frequencies as a softer mid-range melancholic synth fades in. The melodics stand out wonderfully, evolving into the dominant force on the groove. After a short break the track changes course thanks to more brighter synths, the melancholy turns to joyous melody which completes the adventure. A very rich and expertly crafted journey that will be a most welcome addition to any set.