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    Lightyears Away From Here

    Lightyears Away From Here

    Label: Bonzai Progressive

    Release date: 2015-12-07

    Catalog number: BP5082015

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    Lightyears Away From Here (Original Mix)
    Dancing Desperado (Original Mix)

    Airwave delivers an injection of psy to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Lightyears Away From Here which is backed up with the sublime breaks track Dancing Desperado. This guys still knows how to wow his audience, even after almost 20 years he always finds new sounds and new ways to craft those sounds into powerful musical constructions. This one comes after two huge releases, namely Vega Shining on BP and the emotionally charged Sadness In Black And White on the mighty JOOF. An inspiration to us all, we look forward to more from this guy, but in the meantime play this one loud.

    Lightyears Away From Here intros with a powerful muffled kick drum that slowly filters in to unleash a huge punchy thump that becomes a solid backbone for the track. We’re soon met with some fine psy trance sounds as an industrial sized synth stab fades in with an intense vibe. In the background we find some very cool FX that create stunning textures and add to that intensity. Subtle melodies start to come through as the bass line lurks deep in the low end. On the break we get a taste of those melodies in full bloom as they combine to create a huge climactic experience before we get slammed back into full on mode. Another fine slice from the master who is ensuring that the trance sound is alive and kicking in 2015.

    Dancing Desperados is one of those special Airwave breaks tracks that seem to capture the essence of sound beautifully, due in part to the way the track is constructed, with expert precision. We begin with a cinematic atmosphere full of deep drones and bright piano melodies alongside subtle drums. Huge swathes of synths bring the intro to a climax and we are left with a solid breaks arrangement that will definitely get floors moving to the groove. The lead sound takes on a fantastic Mediterranean vibe as plucky strings converge over those strong pads that send shivers down your spine with every key change. Heading towards the end of the track we get a scathing psy fuelled acid line thrown in that tops the groove off nicely. Top notch stuff that you’ll not want to miss.




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