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Light Year

Bonzai Progressive BP4952015 19 October, 2015

Matt Holliday delivers his latest progressive slice – Light Year to the Bonzai office and once again he knocks it outta the park. His last solo release was Memories Of Yesterday back in June 2015 and this one hit the ground running with features on many download portals and great support from the DJ and club scene. Based in Birmingham UK, Matt also releases on other labels including the mighty JOOF where he delivers his more trance licked tracks. When he’s not flying solo he joins forces with other artists, most notably Manu Riga whom he has several releases and remixes with. Much more to come from this guy so stay tuned.

First up we have Light Year which intros with a fantastic sequence filled with soft melodies, mysterious voices and strangely atmospheric sounds alongside a deep tribal drum arrangement. The intro takes us on its own journey before we get thrust deeper into the world of progressive with a little help from a solid kick and rolling bass line. The kick and bass combi drives on relentlessly as those atmospherics from the intro continue to float through the sound. The break intensifies the groove with rich, full strings and pads before they subside and slamming us back into the main track for the duration. Another Matt Holliday stomper that will definitely be at home in a deep dark set.

Subsequential is a real prog mover with its tight rhythmic drum arrangements and driving bass line that surfaces from deep below bringing a solid groove in its wake. Sweeping synths play a big part in the sound as they ebb and flow throughout alongside a top notch range of FX. That bass line totally locks you in and won’t let go until we get a respite on the break where a wonderful display of pads and FX takes over before we are locked in once more to that super tight groove. Superb effort yet again which will definitely find its way into many playlists no doubt.