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Bonzai Progressive BP6582017 19 June, 2017

Koschk aka Vince Aoun heads up our next Bonzai Progressive cut with the superb Levi’s. We last got a taste of this guys wonderful talent with his sublime remix on Stan Kolev’s Unravel Me back in May 2017. Lebanese DJ and producer Vince Aoun has been around the scene since 2010, when he started his online radio show Catalepsy, which ran for 5 years. Over those years, he grabbed the attention of many top jocks like Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules, and Paul Oakenfold and his tracks appeared on many labels around the globe, until Cygnus got a notable release on PVD’s Vandit Records. He then decided to explore new horizons with his sound by debuting on BP in November 2015, with his fantastic track Lilium. In 2016 he started Koschk and debuted on BP with Diwan to a great reception.

The Original mix sets the tone on this pack with a sublime progressive slice that intros with a sharp top laden kick and crispy hi hats alongside a cool scratching effect. A muted bass waits eagerly in the shadows as wistful pads fade in just as the kicks and bass are injected with a firm dose of sub. A mesmeric arpeggio appears to take the track to the next level and settle us in for one hell of a ride deep into prog. Superb stuff, a must have.

Podgorica based DJ and producer Ognjen Vukovic aka AudioStorm is back at BP with another brilliant remix. Last time out he gave us his own cut – Lethal Engine as well as providing several quality remixes over the last few years. He is one of the first Montenegro ambassadors in music production covering all styles without limits with an expertise in deep, progressive house grooves. On the remix here we’re taken deeper into the progressive abyss with a tight drum section and a superb bassline helping to get us there. Sweet melodies cascade through the sound creating cool contrasts while a subtle acid line fades in. A solid slice that will not disappoint.

Karim S. aka Belgian DJ and producer Karim Sghaier is next up on remix duties and once again he blows us away with his tight production skills. He started his musical career in the early 1990’s learning the piano and synthesizer, nourishing his love of music. He began to buy his first records and shortly thereafter was inspired by Chicago house music and Detroit techno. After playing at several parties he got a spot on Topradio’s Gemini show every Tuesday evening before picking up his first residency at Bassment In Motion and Underground Techno Party. He is currently the resident at DJ Amnesia concept and spins on Boomerang FM radio (France) and RQC radio. The remix here delivers a wonderful, bouncing prog cut that will definitely fill the floors. Chunky beats, tight percussions and a probing offset bassline lead the way as subtle melodies creep in. The bass transforms effortlessly into a double time sequence and on the break it pairs up with a mesmerizing vocal before a huge climax takes us back into full on mode. This one is not to be missed.