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Let The Music Ride EP

Let The Music Ride EP

Label: Piston Recordings

Release date: 2017-11-13

Catalog number: PR2017362

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Let The Music Ride (Original Mix)
Simon Shaw
Mr. Operator (Original Mix)
Simon Shaw
The Trip (Original Mix)
Simon Shaw

Simon Shaw debuts on Piston Recordings with the fantastic Let The Music Ride EP. Over the years electronic dance music has really grabbed his attention. He boasts a wide range of musical genres in his collection which led him to start experimenting with different styles of House music. He is a completely self-taught DJ, buying all the necessary gear with money saved up and, learning by bringing a new piece of musical technology home, plugging it in, and pushing all the buttons until something happened. He has always been inspired by the big names in the game and keeps pushing hard to achieve the goals he sets himself. His biggest goal is to ensure that the party go’er has an amazing night while playing in local bars and clubs in his home town and surrounding area. From here he went on to play venues like Pacha London as well as southern English venues like Mansion, Cliff Pavillion, Zinc and Sunrooms among others.

Let The Music Ride intros with a classic house set up complete with pumping kick drum and slicing hi hats. Rhythmic percussions form up alongside a slow moving bassline that fills out the low end perfectly. Cool vocals litter the sound adding character and keeping the house vibe alive. Raucous fills with rolling snares and FX add strong dynamics to the sound while on the break the vocals take centre stage before those snappy snares take us back into full on mode for the duration. Top notch stuff.

Mr. Operator sets out with a nice punchy kick drum and accompanying percussions that set the rhythm off. Classic style bass synths get the asses shaking as warm chords come through. A dirtier more prominent bassline takes over that will definitely translate well on the floors. A well rounded and perfectly executed house music arrangement that will be a welcome addition in any set.

The Trip wastes no time in getting right up in your face with its raucous intro which boasts chunky kicks and noisy percussions alongside a funky loop that filter in slowly. A solid dancey bassline stands out beautifully in the track and will definitely be a big focus for many. The break unleashes that funky riff with a cool attack heavy arpeggio rising up alongside. The build up creates a frenzy before slamming back into those solid beats. An absolute must have that will get any party rocking hard.




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