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Bonzai Progressive BP8142019 7 January, 2019

We welcome back experienced Belgian artist Manu Riga with his superbly crafted two track slice titled Kurudi. Since 2010 we’ve seen this guy’s sound evolve and mature, taking his sound on a journey to find new ideas and forming unique musical textures. With a hugely impressive original and remix release count, we continue to be surprised by just how talented he is. More recently he has taken to a more direct, club orientated approach, a deeper more upfront style, which is being appreciated by his core fan base and wider music loving community. His latest offering was on remix duties for Night Shift Master’s Code Red which, as expected, gained great support. Over the last several months he successfully took the reins at Vesta Records alongside Rick Pier O’Neill and he continues his monthly radio show, Escape on Progressive Beats radio. It’s always a pleasure when his latest original works comes through the office, because we know we’re in for a real treat.

The title track is inspired from the Swahili form Ku-rudi which means to return, which is a befitting title as Manu Riga dips back into tribal with a distinct African flavour. The track opens with nice chunky beats and a hypnotic bassline that rolls through the groove effortlessly. Ethnic voices come through to enhance the tribal groove, creating a rich vibe while subtle melodies fade in. Another absolute gem from this guy that will not disappoint.

Up next we have The Manchurian Candidate which takes its name from the highly successful political thriller novel from the 1960’s. Much like the book, the track is steeped in intrigue and suspense with an action-packed narrative. Solid beats lead the way alongside shuffling hi hats and percussions. A rolling bassline stands out and is joined by melodic arpeggios that ebb and flow. Striking notes and razor-sharp FX create superb contrasts in the sound which is boosted by the spoken word. A monster tune that will definitely grab a lot of attention.