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Label: Bonzai Vinyl

Release date: 2018-05-10

Catalog number: BV2018009

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Kitai (Original Mix)
Van Czar & Ken Ishii
Kitai (Robert Babicz Remix #1)
Van Czar & Ken Ishii

Bonzai’s next vinyl outing features three hugely talented artists at the top of their game. Van Czar and Ken Ishii’s Kitai gets the wax treatment with Robert Babicz on remix duties. This one follows the recent digital release which was very well received indeed and, no doubt vinyl collectors and working DJ’s alike will find a place for this in their collection.

Side A gives us a solid Original Mix, a driving techno mover complete with thumping kicks, shuffling percussions and mind bending synths. A deep underlying bassline rattles the low end as those tripped out squelchy sounds penetrate your brain. Subtle tones in the background offer warmth but overall this one will hit the floors hard, definitely one for the discerning clubber.

Robert Babicz delivers his Remix #1 on the B Side which takes us on a hypnotic trek deep into techno with a progressive twist. Tight beats lead the way as scratching synths cut through the groove. Gritty bass pads sweep through the sound as more conventional synth plucks take hold, giving a real chunky, in your face vibe. The perfect track for the late night session to keep the party rocking.




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