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    Jackals EP

    Jackals EP

    Label: Piston Recordings

    Release date: 2017-10-16

    Catalog number: PR2017355

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    Golden Jackal (Original Mix)
    Marco Madia
    Side-Striped Jackal (Original Mix)
    Marco Madia
    Black-Backed Jackal (Original Mix)
    Marco Madia

    Marco Madia is back at Piston Recordings with his 11th outing on the label, and once again he delivers only the finest quality sounds that are perfect for the groovier floors out there. His last effort here – Gray Squirrel EP – saw great support from across the board which is a testament to the talents this guy has to offer. Always a pleasure to have his latest works drop into the inbox and no doubt we’ll be hearing more in the future.

    Golden Jackal opens with a smooth funky riff that draws you in before a nice chunky beat thumps out a solid rhythm with a little help from some cool percussion elements. The funky keys and chords continue on a deep house vein as a deep rumbling bassline fades in becoming the dominant force of the groove for the duration. A sublime slice of deep house that will not disappoint.

    Side-Striped Jackal sets off with a Blues vibe that will definitely grab attention with its liking to a smooth John Lee Hooker riff. Tight betas and a rumbling bassline soon join in and we find ourselves getting down to the floor. Layers upon layers stack up effortlessly delivering a very nice groove indeed, not to be missed.

    Black-Backed Jackal intros with a cool live feeling drum arrangement with a hypnotic background. A deep, subby bassline bursts through as the beats get a nice thump and the synths start to fade in alongside rhythmic percussions. Real deep and moody keys litter the groove as we’re hypnotised with that warming deep house vibe. Definitely a late night session weapon.




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