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Bonzai Progressive BP8342019 25 March, 2019

Fresh for 2019, Blufeld and Nikko Mavridis join forces once again and follow up their superb Pothos with the equally superb Iris, which features a solid remix from Bonzai veteran Cortex Thrill. Blufeld remains a stalwart for us at Bonzai. We’ve been continuously impressed with his talents for over a decade and he shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. He captivates and mesmerizes, taking us into his three-dimensional world of sound. He relishes in his endeavours to maximize all levels of the sonic and emotional spectrum so as to reach and tug at the heartstrings of people who love electronic music. He is a craftsman with a deep sense of care and love for the output and quality of his productions, just like his last outing here with Anonymous We Stand. Nikko Mavridis is considered to be one of the most respected and well-known DJ’s in Greece. In the 90’s he was one of the most energetic members of DMC Hellas and at the same time he presented a highly rated radio show in Kavala. He is recognised for his ability behind the decks and his unique style and he has graced the stage with many top names over the years. Nikko has been quite busy in making his own music recently. He started recording as Coda with his partners Nicodream and Saki Tee and together they have racked up an impressive release count, which is heavily supported by DJ’s all over the world. Nowadays he is producing his own remixes and originals with his unique deep progressive sound.

The Original Mix is a solid, driving progressive mover with a wealth of scintillating sonic sounds on offer. Sleek, melodic arpeggios cascade through the track as a strong, bubbling bassline drives the groove. Gated synths lift the track adding a more energetic vibe and at the same time creating a dreamy narrative. A well-rounded slice that will definitely light up the floors.

Bonzai legend Cortex Thrill returns on remix duties, delivering yet another sublime cut. We never tire of the output from Cortex Thrill, which is fronted by top producer Ivo T Montina. From the sweaty darkened rave scene of the mid-nineties, Cortex Thrill has stood the test of time and evolved their sound while utilising the cutting-edge technology of the day. In its contemporary form, that sound has bridged the gap between progressive and tech resulting in a hybrid genre that is unique and inspiring. Previous outings here in recent years have certainly lived up to that, the last effort, Eclipticum, proved popular and was delivered with strong remixes which complimented the original beautifully. Here, the remix takes us on a surreal trek deep into progressive. From the intro, we find a shimmering, melodic sequence which grabs our attention. On the lower end a deep resonating bass lurks alongside a stuttering hypnotic synth as descending arpeggios glisten. A solid beat drives the groove with a steady rhythm, guaranteeing some dancefloor action. The break unleashes a beautiful synth-line and breakbeat combo before the 4×4 beat returns for the duration. Top notch stuff indeed.