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Into The Light EP

Into The Light EP

Label: Bonzai Progressive

Release date: 2020-01-06

Catalog number: BP9062020

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Into The Light (Original Mix)
Scott Rotton
Contrast (Original Mix)
Scott Rotton

Scott Rotton is back on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic, Into The Light. This one follows his debut, Acid Souls, which was very well received indeed. Scott’s passion for electronic music started in the 90’s, he grew up in the UK listening to 90’s trance. Gatecrasher One was on his doorstep and that’s naturally where he spent most of his early clubbing days, this influence can clearly be seen in his music productions today. Understanding the intricacies of club music has helped Scott become a truly versatile DJ, because of this he has been a staple DJ for some of the world leading brands including 5 consecutive years for Space Ibiza On Tour. His productions are often a modern blend of techno, progressive house and trance, carefully infused into a precisely crafted sonic package, this is something he delivers consistently.

Into The Light delivers one of Scott’s signature constructions which features a solid beat section and dominating bassline. Analogue bliss oozes from the sound as short, stabs peel out in the midst of an intensifying groove. Soft, hair-raising vocals cut through the deeper elements, creating a wonderful contrast in the sound that locks us in. Subtle arpeggios flutter throughout adding a melodic flair, but it’s the deeper vibe that shines, making this a stand out track to keep the late-night session moving.

Contrast steps into a different realm, taking us on a more energetic flow. Again, we see Scott’s style burst through, with his intense motifs and expert arrangement at play. Chunky beats and rhythmic percussions stack up as hypnotic arps cascade up and down. Space-age FX accompany the main bassline which traps us in its grasp, forcing us to move. The break culminates in a striking build-up before the main groove returns for the duration. A superb cut that will not disappoint.




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